Police seek four people over brutal attack on gay man in Phoenix

Cesar Marin and the four people sought in Phoenix, Arizona

Police in Phoenix, Texas are looking for four people in connection with an attack on a gay man.

Cesar Marin had been driving through downtown Phoenix on March 16 and singing along to music when he was jumped by the group, who violently attacked him in an incident at a crossing.

Police have now released CCTV showing the suspected attackers they are hoping to identify.

Two white men with beards, a white woman with light hair and a black woman with braided hair can be seen in the footage.

Police seek four over Phoenix attack

Speaking previously, Marin said that one of the women had called him a “faggot” and flicked a burning cigarette butt into his convertible.

He said: “I drive a Miata convertible which had the top down. I listen to flamboyantly gay music. I love Madonna, Cher, The Weather Girls, “It’s Raining Men” MY favourite song in the whole world.

“Frankly I don’t remember the song. but my playlist consists of stuff like that. I do sing out loud when I drive.”

Four people sought in Phoenix, Arizona

Four people sought in Phoenix, Arizona

He added: “It all started with one girl flicking her cigarette in my car and calling me a faggot. Before I knew it, I was surrounded in a hail of punches. One guy kicked me in the face when I fell down.”

Marin was hospitalised after the attack, and was left with “broken nose and a swollen face and bruised body.”

Officers retrieved a cigarette butt from his vehicle, but no arrests have been made.

Victim: ‘I don’t know how anybody can live with themselves’

Speaking to Fox 10, Marin added: “What they did was wrong, and frankly, I don’t know how anybody can live with themselves, knowing they hurt another human being like this.”

He added: “People don’t understand how much worse it is when the word faggot is thrown in there… People attacking you for something you just can’t control and something that wasn’t a choice.”

Although Marin says the incident started with the homophobic slur, Fox reports that police are yet to label the incident as a hate crime.

The four suspects are wanted on aggravated assault charges.