Video: Russian viral video claims gay couples adopt children to rape them

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An anti-gay Russian video has claimed that 50 per cent of pedophiles are gay and that gay couples only adopt children because they want to rape them

The video, translated into English bases its ‘facts’ on a controversial and much criticised study by anti-gay American researcher Mark Regnerus.

A version of the video with English subtitles was uploaded to YouTube by US blogger John Aravosis, who wrote: “This video has been posted by me, a civil rights advocate, to expose the level of hatred that gay and trans people face in Russia. One thing we have learned, repeatedly, in the overall LGBT civil rights effort, but also specifically in our work against Russia’s anti-gay crackdown, is that the best way to neutralize anit-gay hate is by ‘exposing’ their hate.”

PinkNews has not been able to verify the original source of the video.