Republican senator: John Kerry working against Ugandan anti-gay law would upset God

A Republican state senator has claimed that God would be upset that Secretary of State John Kerry is trying to stop Uganda’s anti-gay law.

According to Jezebel, Wisconsin senator Glenn Grothman made the claim on the talk show produced by the Voice of Christian Youth America.

He said: “What we have is the Secretary of State going to Africa and educating Ugandans or saying he is going to send American scientists to Uganda to explain how normal homosexuality is.

“Think about that. I mean, what must God think of our country?

“If now, rather than sending people to Uganda to explain better agricultural techniques, we send scientists to Africa to say how wonderful the homosexual lifestyle is.

“It is just unbelievable what has become of our country.”

The right-wing senator announced earlier this year that he is running for US congress.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni gave assent to a law in February which further criminalises homosexuality in the country.

The law aims to toughen the punishment for same-sex sexual activity, including life imprisonment for ‘repeat offenders’.

Kerry condemned the law in February, comparing it to anti-Semitism and apartheid.

He also said that America was ‘reviewing’ its relations with Uganda, and unveiled several sanctions against the country.