Canada: Anti-gay activist sneaks into Vancouver Pride to hand out fake condoms

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An anti-gay activist disguised himself as a pro-gay participant in last weekend’s Vancouver Pride parade, distributing anti-gay leaflets at the event that looked like condoms.

Bill Whatcott, executive director of anti-gay group Christian Truth Activists, and four other evangelical Christians marched in the event.

The group used a banner promoting the fictional Calgary chapter of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as a guise.

According to Whatcott’s blog post about the event, the group distributed 2,500 “life saving and soul redeeming Gospel condoms” along the route.

The leaflets were made to outwardly appear as condoms, but contained anti-gay messages inside.

The “condoms” stated that “anatomically everyone is heterosexual” and that “the body is not created for sodomy.”

The message also told the story of an “ex-gay” man who claims he was saved from his “homosexual lifestyle” by religion.

Whatcott created a pseudonym to apply for a parade permit. He also created a fake website and fake phone number for the group.

A parade official told Canadian LGBT news source Daily Xtra that all applications for the parade are screened.

The application is likely to have passed unnoticed because a branch of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster had appeared in the parade previously.

Commenters on the blog post detailing the trip to Pride were mostly supportive.

One commenter said: “Brilliantly done! You looked appropriately disgusting! The grotesque dancing, the placement of your little coin purse, the ugly colors, the blasphemous beads, I can see how your enemies didn’t recognize you; I didn’t either.”

Another commenter added: “Awesome job, Bill! Great pics with your enemies, too! You looked like Elton John.”

Whatcott, along with anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera, were arrested in April for distributing homophobic leaflets at a Canadian university.

Watch a video of Whatcott at Vancouver Pride below: