Arrow star’s Pride posts flooded with anti-gay hate

Arrow star Stephen Amell’s Instagram account has been engulfed with anti-gay comments after he posted pictures of himself enjoying Vancouver’s Pride parade.

Amell, who last year hit back at people who left anti-gay comments on his Facebook page, shared three Pride photos with his followers, including one in which he wore a shirt saying: “I’m not gay, but $20 is $20.”

Tens of thousands of people attended the parade, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but while most of the comments on Amell’s posts were positive, a large minority were hateful.

Amell plays the main character in Arrow (stephenamell/instagram)

This dragged fans and LGBT+ supporters into flame wars which took over the comment sections.

On a photo of Amell posing with a drag queen, one commenter wrote: “what will make me feel good is when y’all stop throwing your faggotry in my face.”

Another pleaded that their objections were “not homophobia. In the states, we have problem with idiots wanting to normalise mental disorders like transgenderism.

“It’s not homophobia” (selexthomas/instagram)

“We have people trying to normalise deceases [sic] through ‘fat acceptance.’ Now the left is trying to put paedophiles under LGBTQ+.

“This is not just a problem for America, but for the entire world. Smh. Canada even supports bestiality. And we are the idiots.”

The dangerous myth that LGBT+ campaigners are trying to include paedophiles under the rainbow has received more coverage since alt-right trolls put “Paedophiles are people too” posters up around primary schools in Oregon last week.

Another commenter targeted the drag queen, writing: “That thing isn’t human lmao.”

In the same vein, one said: “I’m allowed to point out how udderly f**king stupid they look aren’t i. this thing is straight from a horror film.”

Comments like this were far too common (jonas_pfeiffer__/instagram)

They added that “last time I checked two dicks don’t make a kid.”

One hater wrote: “All I am saying is that the reason the world is the way it is is because we as Christians have been afraid to say that right is right and wrong is wrong based on God’s word.

“Of course we should love everyone but should we continue to say that it’s okay to live a lifestyle contrary to God’s word? I say no.”

“Christians have been afraid to say that right is right and wrong is wrong based on God’s word” (scott.long24/instagram)

On the picture of Amell wearing his “I’m not gay, but $20 is $20” top, one person who thought the t-shirt was offensive was pelted with offensive remarks, and then – predictably – called a snowflake for feeling offended.

Despite the person being a queer man, one such responder misgendered them, saying: “Its alright, she’s one of THOSE lgbt women.

“The ones who are delusional to the point where the genders and sexualities they make up are a focal point of their existence, and the slightest dig or joke about it causes the fabled ‘triggering.’

“She’s one of THOSE lgbt women” (_aceupmysleeve_/instagram)

“I might even be called ignorant and/or bigotted simply because I have basic knowledge of biology/human anatomy, and I, as well as many others, can see that this is clearly an overweight middle aged delusional woman who feels as though her whole life should be dedicated to playing the victim card no matter how silly or small the offense is.”

In 2016, Amell revealed that a fan once tried to bait him into revealing co-star Colton Haynes’ sexuality.