WARNING: Anti-gay Christian activists handing out fake condoms at Pride events

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Anti-gay Christian activists infiltrated Pride Toronto over the weekend to hand out fake condoms packets actually containing homophobic messages.

The group, led by Christian activist Bill Whatcott, were incredibly allowed access to march in the parade after paying a $100 fee to register the ‘Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association’.

The group dressed up as zombies and handed out ‘condom’ packets to the crowd.

However, they didn’t actually contain condoms – but rather anti-gay messages and pictures of prolapsed anuses printed on small folded-up bits of paper, encouraging gay people to repent.
WARNING: Anti-gay Christian activists handing out fake condoms at Pride events
It is not the first time activists have pulled off the stunt. Speaking to anti-LGBT LifeSiteNews, Whatcott bragged: “Our delivery was a bit creative, but we wanted to give people this message because it is truthful.

“If you try to give out a Gospel pamphlet, they swear at you and throw slushies on your forehead.

“But, give them some wackadoddle thing that looks like a condom, and they really can’t grab it fast enough. I had three thousand out in 20 minutes.”

Many groups hand out condoms at Pride events in a bid to tackle the higher rates of STIs among the LGBT community.

Speaking to PinkNews, a sexual health nurse warned Pride-goers to only use condoms from trusted sources. All condoms should be branded, sealed, and within their expiration date.

The message inside the ‘condoms’ is too graphic to reprint in full, but reads: “Natural law is clear, homosexuality is incompatible with human nature. Disease, death and confusion are the sad and sordid realities of the homosexual lifestyle.

“The ‘Gay Zombies’ are concerned about the spiritual, psychological and physical welfare of all potential homosexual pride attendees, so we want to give you this accurate information and encourage you to abstain from the homosexuality.

“The rejection of true marriage is also in direct opposition to God’s law and it is our duty to warn you that those who choose to rebel against the God who created them, do so to their eternal peril.

“For those reading this Gospel package we also want to let you know there is a God who loves you, and who is real, and who has made a way for you to come to Him.”

The Supreme Court of Canada previously found Whatcott guilty of hate speech for previous homophobic hate pamphlets that claimed children “will pay the price in disease, death, abuse and ultimately eternal judgement if we do not say no to the sodomite desire to socialise your children into accepting something that is clearly wrong.”

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau took part in Pride Toronto – marching alongside a newly-arrived Syrian refugee.

Black Lives Matter activists also disrupted the event.