Prince Harry reveals his biggest secret

A photo shows Prince Harry wearing a grey suit, white shirt and red and white tie

Prince Harry has opened up about a personal secret for World AIDS Day.

The royal agreed to share a secret about himself for the #FeelNoShame campaign, started by charity Sentebale, which aims to encourage people to talk about health concerns more openly.

Despite speculation that he was making a big revelation, his secret turned out to be a case of stage fright.

He said: “My secret is, believe it or not, I get incredibly nervous before public speaking no matter how big the crowd or the audience and despite the fact that I laugh and joke all the time I get incredibly nervous, if not anxious actually, before going into rooms full of people when I’m wearing a suit.

“Now that I’ve confessed that, I’ll probably be even more worried that people are looking at me.”

He said earlier that World AIDS Day should be remembered as “a day in which no-one should feel any shame about their secrets.”

He continued: “Myself and many others will be sharing secrets of our own throughout the day, and we are asking everyone else to do the same.”

The campaign raises money by asking followers to tweet their secret with the #FeelNoShame hashtag and are encouraged to donate by texting FEEL01 £5 to 70070.