PHOTOS: Is this the biggest pride flag ever flown?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The biggest Pride flag in Africa, and possibly the world, has been flown at Nelson Mandela Bay in South Africa.

Flown in celebration of the 4th annual Nelson Mandela Bay Pride in Port Elizabeth, the flag measures in at 12 x 8 metres, and 1033 square feet.


The flag measures in at 12 x 8 meters

Flying on the tallest flag pole in South Africa at 60m high last weekend, organisers said the flag was intended as a symbol of solidarity, diversity and inclusiveness.”

The flag was also meant as “a beacon of our love for those who do not have the freedom we sometimes take for granted in our country.


The flag was flown at Nelson Mandela Bay in Port Elizabeth

“It will fly for the school boy & girl who are bullied for being different, for the people who are afraid to be their true selves in the communities they belong to, and for each and every victim of violent hate crimes.”

Organisers said they were unable to find records of a bigger flag flown anywhere else in the world.