Priest who opposes same-sex marriage claims he was spat on by Pride marchers

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A US-based priest has said he was spat on by revellers at New York City’s Pride parade over his opposition to same-sex marriage, but that he forgives those responsible.

The Pride march in New York City took place on Saturday to mark the new law passed by the Supreme Court legalising same-sex marriage.

Father Jonathan Morris, a Catholic priest, who has publicly opposed same-sex marriage, said he was passing by the Pride march on Saturday when he was spat on by two men.

After the event, he tweeted: “Walking down Broadway and 22nd St just now, I ran into gay marriage parade. Two men walked by and spat on me. Oh well… I deserve worse.” — Fr. Jonathan Morris (@fatherjonathan) June 28, 2015.

Tweeting again later on, he said he had forgiven the men responsible, writing: “The two men who spat on me are probably very good man caught up in excitement and past resentment. Most in that parade would not do that.” — Fr. Jonathan Morris (@fatherjonathan) June 28, 2015.