Coroner rules out full UK inquest into Anni Dewani murder

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A coroner has ruled he “does not have sufficient cause” to open a full inquest.

A UK coroner has said that there will be no full inquest carried out into the death of Anni Dewani – who was killed on honeymoon in South Africa in 2010.

Coroner rules out full UK inquest into Anni Dewani murder

A murder case against her husband Shrien Dewani, from Bristol, was thrown out by a South African judge last December.

Mr Dewani had been standing trial in South Africa, accused of arranging a plot to kill his wife Anni during their honeymoon.

The court heard that he was bisexual – stating this may have been the motive for the murder – a claim that Mr Dewani strenuously denied.

The prosecution had alleged that because of his sexuality, Mr Dewani had wanted to get out of his marriage to wife Anni.

The court previously heard that he is bisexual and slept with male prostitutes.

However, the prosecution suffered a setback today after Birmingham prostitute Leopold Leisser took to the stand – when his evidence was denied.

Coroner rules out full UK inquest into Anni Dewani murder

Mr Leisser had previously alleged that Mr Dewani arranged the killing because he “needed to find a way out” of the marriage.

He denied plotting to arrange the murder, and said Anni’s death was the result of a botched carjacking in Cape Town, South Africa, back in 2010.

Three South African men were given jail terms for their role in his wife’s death.

Mrs Dewani’s family – who have also tried to sue their son-in-law due to his supposed sexuality – had asked for an inquest to resume, claiming there were still unanswered questions.

However, senior coroner Andrew Walker, at North London Coroners’ Court, said he did not have sufficient cause to resume an inquest.

“In these proceedings, the matter will now rest,” he said.

Shrien Dewani did not appear at the court.