Moldova considers a Russia-style ‘gay propaganda’ law

Moldova is set to pass a Russia-style ban on homosexual ‘propaganda’.

A bill is currently before the Parliament of the former Soviet state, aping legislation passed by Russia in 2013.

Russia’s bill prevents bans “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” – detailing this as anything that promotes “distorted ideas about the equal social value” of same-sex relationship and anything that “raises interest” in gay relationships.

The Culture and Education Committee of the Moldovan Parliament approved the bill last month.

The bill would impose fines for spreading “homosexual propaganda” to minors via the internet, the media and public meetings – effectively banning visibility for LGBT people in public life.

Several Moldovan cities have already enacted bans on “propaganda” of homosexuality. A previous country-wide law was adopted for a period of three months in 2013, but was overturned as the country sought closer relations with the EU.

But the public climate in Moldova has worsened for LGBT people, bringing the law back onto the table.

Ulrike Lunacek MEP, Co-President of the European Union Intergroup on LGBTI Rights, said: “Three years after the Moldovan Parliament annulled an anti-propaganda law, opportunistic politicians unfortunately again seek to scapegoat LGBTI people. This is very worrying.”

“However, as a European state cherishing European values of freedom, equality and non-discrimination, I am confident Moldova and the majority of her lawmakers, will resist the Russian-inspired anti-propaganda bill.”

Tanja Fajon MEP, Vice-President of the LGBTI Intergroup and part of the EU-Moldova delegation, said: “Although the content of the bill worries us, I am glad to see that there are politicians speaking out against the bill. It is simply unacceptable that people could be punished for sharing objective information about LGBTI issues.”

“As a fellow parliamentarian, I call on all Moldovan parliamentarians to join in speaking out against this bill, and stand up for the rights of the LGBTI community.”

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