Bill Clinton: ‘America is less racist, sexist and homophobic’

Former US President Bill Clinton has said America is less racist, sexist and homophobic than it used to be.

Appearing as a guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the husband of current Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, disagreed with the South African host when he said the presidential race was “turning into one of the uglier campaigns”.

Bill Clinton: ‘America is less racist, sexist and homophobic’

He explained that when he ran for office the Democrats and the Republicans had around a 40 percent base with 20 percent “genuinely up for grabs”. However, now he believed that that 20 percent was probably less than ten percent today.

“We’re getting siloed by the TV we watch and the web sites we scan,” added the former President when offering an explanation for why the percent of swing voters has shrunk.

“America has come so far. We’re less racist, less sexist, less homophobic and anti specific religions than we used to be.

“We have one remaining bigotry: we don’t want to be around anyone who disagrees with us.”

Mr Clinton took his appearance on the show to reassure viewers his wife was feeling much better after being diagnosed with pneumonia last week.

He said: “Big deal, she had pneumonia. People get it all the time.”

The 70-year-old also joked that he was part of an older demographic that watches the show, which has a target audience of 18-35.

In January, documents which recorded private conversations between the former President and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, left many scratching their heads when they compared being gay to being sad.

As part of her campaign for the White House, Hillary has said LGBT rights are one of her top priorities.

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