Craig David slams ‘aggressive, homophobic’ reactions to sexuality rumours

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The pop star says that speculation regarding his sexuality does not bother him.

Craig David has once again addressed the persistent rumours surrounding his sexuality.

Whilst the singer confirmed that he’s definitely straight, he said that the ongoing speculation does not bother him.

David added that he finds it surprising that so many heterosexual people are offended when asked if they are gay.

“Sometimes people can get very aggressive with their response when they’re heterosexual, I find that quite strange,” he told KissFM.

“Ok, so someone thought you were gay, someone thought you were straight, either or, all good in the hood,” he added.

Earlier this month, David again addressed the rumours surrounding his sexual preferences – which began when he first found fame over ten years ago.

“Back in the day there were different girls and it was fun but I was brought up with basic moral,” he said.

“So I couldn’t even do the thing you’re supposed to do with a one-night stand and be all ‘ok, your taxi’s here!’ – my mum would kill me!”

“So by the virtue of me trying to be the nice guy, the girls would catch feelings.

“That was such a wrong place to be. Also it doesn’t work, chasing the dream, messing around with loads of girls, burning the candle at both ends.”

The garage artist first addressed rumours back in 2006, blaming his strong morals for his lack of luck with the opposite sex.