Watch Nyle DiMarco teach us how to speak Trump

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Sexually fluid Nyle DiMarco is back teaching us American Sign Language and he’s showing us how to ‘speak Trump’.

The Dancing with the Stars winner took to Instagram last year to educate people on ASL and showed people signs based on feedback he received from fans.

Watch Nyle DiMarco teach us how to speak Trump

Born deaf, Nyle has been a massive advocate of ASL and thought it was a good idea to show how to translate some of the President’s favourite phrases.

Previously, he had said he was glad to be deaf so he didn’t have to listen to America’s newest Commander-in-Chief.

“I’ve been noticing my Twitter fans asking me to translate our current POTUS Donald Trump’s most used words in American Sign Language,” he said.

So if you want to learn how to say “make America great again” or “fake news” then check out the video below.