Nyle DiMarco to become Las Vegas Chippendale

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Dancing with the Stars winner Nyle DiMarco has revealed he will be joining Las Vegas strip show, The Chippendales.

Joining as a recurring celebrity guest between September and October, the 27-year-old told People that he was “so excited” to be taking up the role of guest host.

Nyle DiMarco to become Las Vegas Chippendale

“Chippendales is an iconic brand and legendary show – headlining a production like this with such a talented cast of performers is a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” he said.

The star, who also won America’s Next Top Model and is deaf, has not confirmed how he will interact with the crowds. But many have said they expect him to excel at the challenge.

Recently, Nyle announced that he would be giving free sign language lessons on Instagram and if you like to look at him as much as we do, you can check out the video below.