This sign language interpreter at Pride is now a gay icon and we have no choice but to stan

David Cowan, a deaf interpreter, activist and community leader, dancing his heart out at Atlanta Pride. (Screen capture via Twitter)

A star was born at a Pride event in Atlanta, US, last weekend, and he truly is the hero we need but in absolutely no way deserve.

David Cowen is a freelance American Sign Language interpreter and has worked at several LGBT+ Prides and activations since 2000.

He’s a real beacon of the community in the city, but shot to fame after model and activist Nyle DiMarco filmed Cower boogying while signing at a Pride concert.

DiMarco tweeted: “Sign language interpreter at Pride ATL is ??”.

Don’t call the fire brigade, though, as the former America’s Next Top Model winner’s footage shows Cowen is living his best life and giving the gays everything they want.

With Beyoncé’s ‘Get Me Bodied’ blasting behind him, Cowen interprets the lyrics for the crowd while dancing along, the crowd clapping and cheering in front of him.

DiMarco’s following fell in love with Cowan’s passion.

“Posting this without sound is a crime,” argued one user.

But points leapt out when somebody replied saying: “I find it valuable to experience this without sound given somebody who relates with sign language is likely deaf.”

Another added: “I would die for him immediately and without regret.”

Who is David Cowan?

The Indianapolis, Indiana-born Cowan has lived in several northern states in his lifetime. He studied at Gallaudet University in Washington DC – the only liberal arts college for the deaf in the world.

This is when Cowan started work as a deaf translator (we’re not sure if this is where he picked up on his dance moves, though) and told The Georgia Voice in 2017: “It’s been my passion to make language accessible in our community.

“It’s a privilege to break down the communication barrier.”

In the Atlanta activism scene, Cowen is practically a piece of furniture. He’s signed at anti-Trump, the Women’s March and several Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

He’s also interpreted for government conferences, including the Georgia Governor’s press conference on Hurricane Dorian at GEMA.

In 2017, he was chosen as the first deaf LGBT+ person to be an Atlanta Pride Grand Marshal.