Leyna Bloom becomes the first transgender model of colour to be featured in Vogue India

A transgender woman has become the first to appear in Vogue magazine India.

Model Leyna Bloom has been tipped as one to watch since New York Fashion Week.

Now she’s breaking records as she appears in Vogue India.

Bloom is the first non-white transgender person to ever appear in the esteemed fashion bible, which sells thousands of copies across the huge country.

In the October issue, she has an entire page to herself, draped in aqua Prada.

On a second page, Bloom fits into a gaggle of models, wearing designs by Alexander McQueen.

“All I can say is, ‘Wow, my name will be forever be affiliated with Vogue — that’s iconic,’” Bloom said of her achievement.

“And history has really been made! It’s really a dream come true. I just hope I can keep working with this brand and other brands like Vogue.”

The appearance comes after the country appointed its first trans people to courts and policing.

Three years ago, the Indian Supreme Court granted third gender status to trans people, and endorsed people’s right to determine the gender they identify with.

The trans model says she hopes to show the fashion and magazines can embrace people of all descriptions.

“This is an example to other brands that it works,” Bloom said.

“It’s OK to be the first. It’s OK to share our stories and unite our unique beauty with everyone else.

“We are in a moment in life when all brands should take a moment to capitaliSe on missing links in our communities and in society.

“This brings everybody together, everyone should be celebrated.”

The feature in the magazine comes after years of dreaming about making it to Vogue.

She continued: “This is a big deal because now that this door is open, a new chapter of trans folk can walk in gracefully and be recognised.

“Every time I found a Vogue magazine – especially an international copy — I felt like I had a piece of gold.

“Growing up I had stacks and stack of copies and inspirations from their editorials all over my wall to keep me motivated, dreaming that one day I will be on somebody’s wall as their inspiration.”