Warwick Rowers share tenth naked calendar with Robbie Manson

Warwick Rowers 2019 naked calendar.

The Warwick Rowers have revealed the first photos from their tenth annual naked charity calendar, featuring gay Olympic rower Robbie Manson as a special guest.

Warwick Rowers are a world-renowned gay/straight alliance, which have been widely praised for promoting gender equality and LGBT+ inclusion in sport through their naked calendars and campaigning work.

The Warwick University athletes’ 2019 nude charity calendar, a non-profit social enterprise, features the boys posing for equality in four countries: Italy, Spain, Australia, and England.

“As an LGBT athlete, I value the straight ally message of the Warwick Rowers.”

— Robbie Manson

The new edition, which is available for pre-order, features New Zealand rower Manson, a two-time Olympian, who holds the world record for men’s single sculling, effectively making him the fastest rower on the planet.

“As an LGBT athlete, I value the straight ally message of the Warwick Rowers,” Manson said in a press release.

“They prove you don’t have to be a gay or female athlete to believe passionately that sport should be for everyone, and that sport can show leadership in promoting equality. So when the guys invited me to join them in their tenth-anniversary calendar, I got on a plane!”

Olympic gay rower Robbie Manson, who has taken part in the Warwick Rowers' 2019 naked calendar

Olympic rower Robbie Manson, who came out as gay in 2014, poses for the Warwick Rowers’ 2019 naked calendar.

The Warwick Rowers’ raunchy calendar was first launched in 2009 to raise fund’s for the university’s rowing programme.

Since then, the buff rowers have won international acclaim for promoting LGBT+ inclusion and gender equality in sports.

In 2014, the rowers helped set up Sport Allies, a registered charity, which works to tackle homophobia in sport through education.

Sport Allies submitted written evidence to the UK Government inquiry into homophobia in sport.

The Warwick Rowers, who just unveiled their 2019 naked calendar

Warwick Rowers made their first nude calendar in 2009. (Warwick Rowers)

It also commissioned academics from Leeds Beckett University to write a report on homophobia in sporting culture, which was published in 2016.

The boys’ naked calendar continues to almost entirely fund Sport Allies.

The university athletes also campaign for social equality and better male mental health.

The Trust disburses funds in line with core objectives such as challenging homophobia and gender imbalance in sport.

The Warwick Rowers have a five-point charter published on their website, including using nudity as a “relevant and effective means to deliver messages about gender and sexual equality.”

“All profits from sales of Warwick Rowers products go to The Warwick Rowers Charitable Trust, a UK charitable trust (registration pending),” the website reads,

“The Trust then decides how to disburse these funds in line with our core objectives to challenge homophobia in sport, challenge gender imbalance in sport, promote sport as a more inclusive opportunity for personal development and university sports participation.”

The Warwick Rowers’ 2019 naked calendar is available for pre-order at £14.99. The athletes are also selling a 2019 coffee table book.

The boys have won seven National Calendar Awards for their products over the years.

Watch the boys here: