A woman gave birth to her own grandchildren so her gay son could become a dad

A baby with a pink tag around their ankle

A Brazilian mother helped her gay son fulfil his dream of becoming a father by acting as his gestational surrogate.

Valdira das Neves, 45, and her son Marcelo das Neves Junior, 24, are “living a dream” following the birth of twins Noah and Maria Flor on Tuesday (September 3).

Marcelo is the babies’ biological father, with his sperm used to inseminate donor eggs which were then implanted in Valdira’s womb.

Mother agreed to carry son’s children after losing her own baby

The newly-minted grandmother, a teacher, agreed to carry her son’s offspring shortly after losing a baby of her own.

“Almost four years ago, my mother became pregnant with my father, but my little sister was born at seven months and died a week later,” Marcelo told Thathi.com

Then aged 41, she realised that her chances of becoming pregnant again were time-limited and so began searching for a fertilisation clinic.

It was during this search that Marcelo learned he could become a father through artificial insemination, and suggested that his mother could carry his own children.

“We opted for my mother to bear the children, receiving an embryo fertilised by my semen and an egg from a donor,” Marcelo explained.

After three unsuccessful attempts, Valdira became pregnant in January of this year.

Babies born to grandmother and gay father are doing well

She gave birth with her son and her husband at her side, nine days ahead of her due date.

Both babies are doing well, though Noah was initially taken to an intensive care unit with “a little breathing problem.”

The children will live at the Neves family home in Serrana, Sao Paulo. One of the rooms has been transformed into a nursery complete with cribs and an engraving of the children’s names.

Marcelo said that the new arrivals are a “dream come true.”

“Thank God we managed to get pregnant and we are living a dream, the feeling is wonderful,” he added.