This penguin comedy sketch mocking Piers Morgan has finally won his ‘respect’

Rain Dove's Piers Morgan comedy sketch

A comedy sketch about Piers Morgan identifying as a ‘two-spirit penguin’ has been made to make a very poignant message about trans acceptance.

The short film is in response to Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan’s comments in a show debate about gender, saying: “Why can’t I be a two-spirit penguin?”

Piers Morgan has responded to the comedy sketch, retweeting it with the comment: ‘Exactly. #Respect’.

Created by non-binary YouTuber Rain Dove, the sketch shows Dove initially angrily washing the dishes as Piers Morgan chats on TV, but then the film sees them reconsider why Piers Morgan made his comments about identifying as a penguin.

The film then sees Dove go looking for Morgan in ice bars and by the sea – before ending with an important message about accepting others’ right to be themselves.

Watch the sketch below:

Dove made the short film in reaction to Piers Morgan declaring he identifies as a “two-spirit penguin” in a live debate about a BBC film that said there are more than 100 genders.

They told PinkNews: “I would love to sit with Piers over lunch. I have offered to take them to a sushi restaurant or fish monger.

“I’d love to learn more about their identity journey – and share about my own.

“We have tried rage with Piers. Rage that was fair and just to have. It didn’t work. So now, let’s try love. Boundless, endless love.

“This doesn’t mean condoning his actions or language. But what it does mean, is never giving up hope that someone can listen or grow. That includes myself. Always.”

Piers Morgan responded to the penguin sketch.

Piers Morgan has since responded to the comedy sketch, tweeting: ‘Exactly. #Respect.’

Filmmaker Dove told PinkNews: “I think Piers’ response shows that they respond positively to respect. It can be difficult for many to find respect for an individual that seemingly has disenfranchised their entire identity.

“However, Piers will not change my truth regardless of if they agree or not. The language I use for myself will always exist, no matter who validates it.

“The video created had a comedic nature to it – mostly to take the tension out of the air for the conversation so that anyone who disagrees can be at a base line emotion. I wanted to make something that didn’t put myself on a pedestal over Piers. Something that acknowledged vulnerability on both sides in the conversation.

“Piers has said several times – they feel attacked. (So they attack). They feel uncared for. (So they do not filter). Our emotions become fodder and fuel for their clicks and ratings.

“If we want change, then we must be willing to listen to those who we want to listen to us. If we can’t listen because we have had trash shoved down our throats seemingly all our lives, then that’s OK. That’s why various forms of activism are important, we all do what’s in our capacity with the best of intentions and an end goal of peace to prevail.

“We may not feel on the large in the community that Piers has earned our respect, but if we give up on reaching out to people like Piers, then we give up on reaching out to the people who are negatively impacted by Piers’ language.

“We must keep trying to all we can do to create a safe space for evolution to thrive for our species.”

Piers Morgan identifies as a ‘two-spirit penguin’.

In a discussion on gender on GMB on October 14, Morgan said he’s “not remotely transphobic”, before adding, “Why can’t I be a two-spirit penguin, why can’t I just decide that’s what I identity as?”

The next day, he invited gay journalist Benjamin Butterworth and India Willoughby – a trans woman who no longer considers herself to be trans – on to GMB to discuss the petition and gender identity. The resulting 16-minute segment saw Morgan call non-binary people “ludicrous”.

Ofcom received over a thousand complaints from viewers after Morgan made the penguins comments.

Although Ofcom has stated the controversial Good Morning Britain presenter will not face an investigation for the offensive comments, the penguin comment has not been quietly forgotten.

Thousands called for ITV to fire Morgan in an online petition started by Twitter user @hotboykennedy.

Ironically, penguins are well-known for having same-sex relationships.