John Whaite effortlessly schools Coleen Nolan and Piers Morgan over Qatar World Cup support

Joh Whaite, Piers Morgan and Coleen Nolan

John Whaite, star of Bake Off and Strictly Come Dancing has schooled Coleen Nolan and Piers Morgan over comments they’ve made concerning FIFA’s controversial Qatar World Cup.

Appearing on a Loose Women segment titled ‘Is It Politically Incorrect To Watch The World Cup?‘, Nolan argued that those angry about Qatar – where being LGBTQ+ is illegal – should respect “their culture”.

Nolan confirmed that she’d be watching, and addressed Qatar’s string of human rights abuse allegations, by suggesting that those offended by their “policies” (read, homophobia) simply forget about them, and let everyone enjoy a lovely game of football.

John Whaite took to Instagram to express his displeasure over Nolan’s ignorance, speaking on his story:

“I’m just going to address something that’s been kind of knocked around and it’s started to really p****d me off, especially by Coleen Nolan on Loose Women” the chef started.

“She said, “When they come to our country they respect our values, our culture and our traditions, so we should do the same in their country.

“The point of difference, Coleen … is that we don’t put people in prison for their sexuality, or potentially put people to death for their sexuality. We don’t allow 6,500 migrant workers to die… like they do in Qatar.

Whaite proceeded to point that the difference was “fighting a lack of liberty with our power and our liberties that we have here. It’s using our liberty as a voice for those who don’t have liberty. So there’s a huge difference.”

In her Loose Women comments, Nolan said: “I don’t agree with some of [Qatar’s] policies, but it’s their culture… the same way that when they come over here to play football, they don’t agree with what we believe in, people have a right to believe in what they believe in.

“I just hate the way that everyone thinks they’re a politician now. Every one of us all think we can do better. And I just want to watch football.”
In Qatar, homosexuality is illegal and being found ‘guilty’ of engaging in a same-sex relationship can result in a prison sentence. Under Sharia law it is possible for men to face the death penalty by stoning if they are found to have engaged in same-sex intimacy.

Johannes Radebe and John Whaite

John Whaite and Johannes Radebe made Strictly history. (BBC)

The Strictly runner-up, who appeared in the first ever male same-sex pairing on the show alongside Johannes Radebe, also effortlessly dissected human foghorn, Piers Morgans’ arguments.

“He’s saying, “Why don’t we shout [at other teams who come from countries where homosexuality is illegal], then? Aren’t we hypocritical to shout about Qatar and not about these countries from which these teams come?”.”

“Teams do not enforce laws and judicial systems, countries do”, Whaite explained.

“Teams might be made up of people who abhor the laws of their country and the [oppression] and the constraint of liberty”.

“So, you can’t say a team is the same as a country. Idiot.”

Whaite has previously slammed David Beckham for taking an alleged £150million deal for Qatari ambassadorship.