Drag Race icon Aquaria ‘collapsed with shock’ after Asia O’Hara’s botched butterfly reveal

Aquaria (L) 'collapsed with shock' after being Asia O'Hara's botched butterfly reveal. (Getty)

The moment Asia O’Hara used live butterflies as a prop during her lip-sync battle caused fellow queen Aquaria to “collapse with shocks”, RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 runner-up Eureka said.

During the season finale, O’Hara attempted to release live butterflies from pods inside her breasts, but viewers and her fellow competitors alike were left stunned as the insects appeared to be struggling to move.

Some, viewers said, had died while inside the netting of her dress, as a few fell to the floor during the botched reveal. She was later eliminated.

Eureka told Entertainment Weekly‘s BINGE podcast that Aquaria became emotional while watching the performance together.

‘Luckily there was a chair there, but Aquaria collapsed into a chair with shock’, says Eureka.

“The cutest thing was how emotional it made Aquaria, randomly,” Eureka recalled.

“It was so sweet. Me and Aquaria were backstage and when it happened, luckily there was a chair there, but Aquaria collapsed into a chair with shock.

“It was weird because me and Aquaria were very shook, and we had to go out right after. We were shaking and freaked out.”

Eureka also recalled her planned reveal which would have seen the audience quite literally smoked out of the building.

“I had neon smoke bombs that were supposed to go off,” Eureka said.

“The whole idea behind it was smoke and mirrors, that’s why the bottom layer [of my look] was this mirrored leotard.

She added: “There were three spots: one in the centre and one on each hip where the smoke bombs go in, and I’d just pull the tabs and they go off as I’m dancing.

“But when I practised one, there was so much smoke I was like, bitch, I will fill up that whole auditorium and get disqualified!”

Asia O’Hara issues apology after ‘animal cruelty’ in lip-sync finale.

In June, 2018, O’Hara issued an apology for her botched butterfly reveal amid stinging criticism from animal rights activists.

O’Hara posted an apology on Twitter minutes after the finale came to an end, writing: “If you are unhappy with me I understand, I’ve been unhappy with myself since that night but I’m going to do my best to make it right.

“It’s important to know that I would never purposefully hurt any living being and have the upmost respect for animals.”