Disgraced comedy writer Graham Linehan boasts he’s back on Twitter with a ‘new sim card’ after being kicked off for a second time

Graham Linehan

Disgraced comedy writer Graham Linehan has boasted that he has a “new sim card” and has created yet another Twitter account after being kicked off… twice.

This week Linehan, who was previously removed from Twitter for hateful conduct, announced that he had returned to the platform by pretending to be a trans person. 

The former comedy writer and anti-trans campaigner created a fake “trans guy” account seemingly for the sole purpose of telling a gay man that he is a “traitor” for being a trans ally.

Using the handle “scarlysimon”, Linehan told Amnesty Ireland executive director Colm O’Gorman that he was a “traitor to women and gay people” for signing a letter supporting trans rights.

The account was swiftly suspended by Twitter, but Linehan has now created yet another account.

He told his supporters in a newsletter Wednesday (2 December): “I had a new sim card standing by and am back on the site under a new account.”

One Twitter user described Linehan’s behaviour as “increasingly unhinged”, and added: “Purchasing a new sim card to get around being repeatedly banned from a social media platform is legitimately terrifying behaviour.”

Linehan has been approached for comment by PinkNews.

Graham Linehan was permanently banned from Twitter for hateful conduct earlier this year

Graham Linehan, who once compared doctors treating trans youth to Nazis during the Holocaust, lost his ‘blue tick’ in June this year after he accused an LGBT+ group of “grooming”.

It was later reinstated, with Linehan complaining that he’d had to remove a number of tweets that referenced grooming in order to unlock his account.

However, the social media platform opted to take permanent action after he continued tweeting offensive content, writing “men aren’t women tho” in response to a Women’s Institute post wishing a happy Pride to all of their transgender members.