Troll arrested after targeting trans woman with ‘campaign of harassment’ wins appeal to overturn conviction

Stephanie Hayden (left) and Kate Scottow (right)

Kate Scottow, a Twitter troll who misgendered a trans woman and called her a “racist” and a “pig in a wig” in a “campaign of targeted harassment”, has had her conviction overturned.

Scottow was initially found guilty of persistently making use of a public communications network to cause annoyance/inconvenience and anxiety to Stephanie Hayden on 14 February this year.

Hayden told St Albans Magistrates’ Court that Scottow had made multiple Twitter accounts to send her anti-trans messages between September 2018 and May 2019.

During the trial, which saw protesters holding anti-trans banners gathered outside the court, she said: “There were a number of tweets which were not only targeting me, they were targeting other people who were either transgender or who were perceived to be supportive of transgender people.

“When I observed the tweets that the defendant was referring to me in, the defendant was referring to me with male pronouns, he/him.

“This is the problem with these people, this is just done to annoy people like me. It is calculated to violate, in my case, my dignity as a woman. It is basically calculated to, excuse my language madam, p**s us off. It is unnecessary and it is just harassment.”

After appealing, Scottow announced on Thursday (10 December) that her conviction has been overturned.

“I no longer have a conviction,”s he tweeted. “Comments will be released later this month or early next year BUT I’M FREE.”

Hayden responded to the announcement on Twitter writing: “I understand Katherine Scottow was successful with her appeal by way of case stated.

“I cannot comment further as I have no idea why the conviction was quashed. Once reasons are available I will comment further.

“There have been three judgments in the High Court within the last nine days that have trodden over transgender people. Health care has been fettered and now the court appears to have given the green light for doxing and abusing trans people online.

“Whilst I am disappointed with the High Court’s decision I nevertheless congratulate Mrs Scottow and wish both her family and her best wishes. Time now to draw a line.”

While the trial “cost her dearly in many ways”, Kate Scottow has insisted that she “won’t be kinder” in the future. She has been approached by PinkNews for comment.