Right-wing drag queen Lady Maga learns the hard way how homophobic Trump fans can be

Lady Maga USA

Pro-Trump drag queen Lady Maga USA didn’t exactly get the warm welcome she’d hoped for when she attended a “freedom rally” in Washington DC.

Lady Maga USA joined thousands of Donald Trump supporters, including several members of the Proud Boys, at the 12 December 2020 march to protest Joe Biden’s election victory.

But if she was expecting any kind of support from her fellow MAGA fans, she was proved sorely wrong when they rose up against her with abusive heckling.

“Shame! Shame! Shame!” the crowd chanted when she attempted to address them in full drag, complete with blonde wig and “MAGA” sash.

“That is disgusting,” one man shouted through a loudspeaker.

It was all captured on video by the right-wing journalist Jon Miller, who gleefully noted: “America still has patriots willing to draw a line SOMEWHERE!”

The embarrassing and entirely predictable scene will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Trump and his supporters, but Lady Maga simply refused to accept it.

I love my MAGA family. The obnoxious haters are not a reflection of us,” she insisted after the clash, though the situation seemed pretty unambiguous.

In response to coverage that suggested the Proud Boys were responsible for the homophobic heckling, Lady Maga actually jumped in to defend the hate group.

She seemed keen to clarify that the abuse actually came from the homophobic, antisemitic, white nationalist “groyper” movement led by the prolific alt-right podcaster Nick Fuentes.

“Proud Boys had nothing to do with Tiny Tim and his small group of groypers. Neither did the diverse and beautiful patriots who were there,” she attempted to convince herself.

Since neither the Proud Boys nor Trump supporters as a whole are known for being a bastion of LGBT+ tolerance, we’d argue she’s probably splitting hairs on this one.