Generous Phillip Schofield offers to pay pensioner’s huge energy bill after money troubles leave her unable to eat or sleep

Philip Schofield looks unsettled at the camera while wearing a dark print shirt

Enduring national treasure Phillip Schofield offered to pay a pensioner’s thumping energy bill Thursday (14 January) after it left her unable to “eat or sleep” and no, you’re crying right now.

The British television presenter, who continues to be one of the few rays of light in this truly dark world, spoke to 73-year-old Patricia on ITV’s This Morning.

She dialled into the daytime talk show during a segment with financial expert Martin Lewis to help with money-related queries.

Patricia had landed a hiked-up £701.85 bill after switching energy companies – a situation only worsened by her being unable to read the meter.

As a result, the senior citizen hadn’t sent off gas or electricity readings to her new provider, meaning she was given a back bill, Lewis explained.

“I have a bill from Together Energy and it was for £701.85,” she said. “I have never had one like that before ever.

She added: “It’s causing me not to eat or sleep.”

Desperate pensioner left speechless after This Morning co-hosts offer to cover bill costs

“You were paying £45 every month so this has come as a bit of a shock to you I imagine?” responded co-host Holly Willoughby.

Lewis advised the distressed caller that without the meter readings, she might be paying more than she should be each month. Moreover, he said, she may owe money after swapping suppliers.

“Let me just understand what this bill is Patricia,” the financial guru said. “So when you say you’ve had a bill, you pay by direct debit £45 a month.

“Is this a bill over and above that £45 or is this saying how much you have used therefore you’ll need to pay more to make up for it?”

Patricia explained that the energy company were demanding “over and above” what she had already forked out for.

“This is a back bill from when you left your old supplier,” Lewis outlined. “Were you giving regular meter readings to them?”

“No,” Patricia pleaded. “I don’t know how to do it, I am 73.”

Lewis urged the pensioner to ask someone to help her send her monthly meter readings as “it’s something everyone on direct debit should do.”

That’s when Phillip Schofield cut in. Gesturing towards Lewis and Willoughby, he said: “No, no no, no. Don’t do that. Listen, one way or the other we’ll fix this for you.”

“If the worst comes to the worst we’ll pay it for you.”

“We’ll sort it out,” added Willoughby.

“Thank you very much,” Patricia replied. “I’m so glad I got through to you.”

This Morning viewers were left bleary-eyed by Phillip Schofield’s generosity