Drag Race’s Gottmik speaks out after Nina Bo’nina Brown condemned for ‘transphobic’ comments

Gottmik and Nina Bo'nina Brown

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Gottmik, the franchise’s first openly trans masculine contestant, has spoken out after another queen made “transphobic” comments about her.

Season nine’s Nina Bo’nina Brown encountered a buzzsaw of criticism from fans and fellow queens for comments she made over Gottmik’s body in a YouTube review of the latest season 13 episode.

Gottmik has delighted fans with her whip-smart sass and outfits that defiantly front her top surgery scars, drawing plaudits for a show that has, at times, struggled and been criticised for largely excluding trans queens.

In commenting on her latest runway look – appearing almost naked, save for a tiny, doll-sized black dress and pasties – Nina said: “Of course, Gottmik can wear this and still have curves – oh we know why.”

The drag community quickly condemned Nina’s comment.

“Thank you to all of you for bringing so much light and love back into this situation and for all the [Drag Race] girls standing up and showing the trans community public support,” Gottmik tweeted Tuesday evening (9 February) in response.

“It means so much to not only me but everyone else reading and effected by the negativity being thrown around.”

She added: “Love you guys SO much and remember that you aren’t defined by a few mean comments.”

Drag Race stars from both sides of the pond rally in support of Gottmik

Drag Race season 12 queen Jan was among those who took aim at Brown as backlash brewed. She wrote on Twitter: “Transphobia is absolutely disgusting and won’t be tolerated here.

“NBB [Nina Bo’nina Brown], that was horribly violent and gross. Shame on you.”

While Drag Race UK season two star Joe Black wrote: “Other people’s genitals are really none of your business and not a punchline.

“Also the obsession with these review shows have with body shape is gross.”

She added Nina “should know better” as she was part of the show, and she should have seen “their gross and frankly smug reaction to a trans body” during the editing of the reaction video.