Pop visionary and trans icon SOPHIE immortalised in beautiful ‘gayngel’ mural

A mural of SOPHIE

Trans icon SOPHIE has been immortalised in beautiful mural form ahead of the Sydney Mardi Gras festival.

SOPHIE was a producer and musician who died earlier this year in Athens, where she used to live. The artist sadly perished when she was trying to see the moon and fell. After her death tributes flooded the internet, including a fan petition to NASA to name the planet TOI 1338 b in her honour.

Now, a mural depicting Sophie as an angel has been unveiled in Erskineville, Sydney. It was created by Scott Marsh and stands alongside another artwork that celebrates the life of “saint” George Michael.

“The passing of SOPHIE was a devastating blow to culture, her musical fans but also the queer community, as her outness and bravery was and will always be an inspiration and guiding light for our gender diverse and trans family,” said Paul Mac and Jonny Seymour, who co-ordinated the mural, to NME.

The mural was revealed before Sydney Mardi Gras, which takes place on Saturday (6 March).

“We wanted her to be present for the LGBTQIA Mardi Gras, which is basically Xmas for queers in Sydney,” said Seymour

He added “We always thought that the mural could be added to with other heroes for our community. It’s an honour for us to add her to the pantheon.”

Artist Scott Marsh recreated one of SOPHIE’s iconic moments from her music video “It’s Okay to Cry”, adding new details such as a halo above her head and the title of the song that inspired the piece.

This mural gives representation to the trans community in Australia. Trans people are protected from discrimination under the law in Australia, yet are still routinely attacked by the media.

The SOPHIE mural can be seen in the suburb of Erskineville, Sydney. Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras parade is set to take place this Saturday (6 March) at Sydney Cricket Ground.