Drag Race icon Bimini steals show at Brit Awards with powerful trans rights message

Drag Race UK icon Bimini used their platform as an award presenter at yesterday’s Brits to share a vital and powerful message for trans and non-binary people across the UK.

Presenting the international song category at the music awards ceremony, which took place on 2 March, the drag queen, recording artist and model paused, saying that before they “got into it”, they wanted to take a minute to “just say” a few words.

Bimini, who uses she/her pronouns when in drag, and they/them pronouns out of drag, continued: “Right now in the UK it’s a really difficult time for a lot of people, and trans people and non binary people more so, and I want you to know that everyone in this room loves you and you are valid, and trans rights are human rights.”

In November 2023, it was announced that the UK ranked as one of the worst places in Europe and Central Asia to be trans, according to a network of more than 200 trans-rights organisations.

Transgender Europe’s 2023 Trans Rights Map illustrates the legal situation in 49 countries in Europe, and five in Central Asia, with the UK having slipped dramatically down the rankings.

TGEU research officer Freya Watkins said of the data, which covers the past 10 years: “The United Kingdom and Hungary have gone backwards, from progressive leaders of our index in 2013 to places where anti-trans hatred is widespread in the media and government agendas.”

Bimini’s announcement was well received by many viewers, who took to social media to praise the star.

One TikTok user wrote: “Love you bimini this was so so needed🤍🏳‍⚧”

Another added: “I love Bimini for using her stage everywhere she can. She did the same thing at her Sydney show and it was amazing after our terrible Mardi Gras. 💗”

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