Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett shares adorable story of how he met his fiancé

Jaymes Vaughan and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jonathan Bennett in an Instagram photo

Jonathan Bennett has shared the adorable story of how he first met his fiancé Jaymes Vaughan.

The actor, who played love interest Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls, told The Knot about the incredible moment he first laid eyes on his husband-to-be.

The couple met for the first time when Jonathan Bennett turned up to be interviewed by Jaymes Vaughan in a Los Angeles mall for Celebrity Page.

Bennett confessed that he had never heard of Vaughan before meeting him, but it was love at first sight when he saw his future fiancé from a distance.

“When I saw him setting up to do the interview, I thought he was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen,” Bennett said.

“I ran to the bathroom to fix my hair. I came out of the bathroom and his producer Jade was standing in front of me. I asked her this exact question: ‘Am I about to meet my future husband?’ And she said, ‘I think so.'”

The minute he leans into me, it’s like electricity.

While Bennett was immediately transfixed, Vaughan said he was initially happy to get the interview done so he could get on with his day.

But when the pair leaned in for a photo for social media, Vaughan knew there was something there.

“The minute he leans into me, it’s like electricity,” Vaughan said.

Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan chatted for six hours on their first date

After the interview, Bennett plucked up the courage to ask Vaughan for his number. His publicist said he “came on a little strong” and pleaded with him to wait at least three days before calling Vaughan, but Bennett couldn’t contain himself.

In fact, Bennett phoned Vaughan immediately after he got home and they arranged to meet back at the same mall where they shared their first kiss.

They subsequently talked for six hours hours, bonding over their mutual pain at having lost their fathers to cancer.

To make the story even more adorable, Bennett and Vaughan finally went for dinner after hours of talking. In the restaurant, the waitress said: “Oh my god, you guys are so cute together, how long have you been together?”

Bennett and Vaughan revealed details of their engagement late last year, with the happy couple sharing a video of the incredible moment.

Vaughan even wrote and recorded a personalised love song for Bennett, which was played in the heartfelt engagement video.