Nine-year-old sends gay man heartwarming letter after homophobic hate: ‘You should feel proud’

Homophobic letter Mr Preece

A nine-year-old child wrote an adorable, heartwarming letter to a gay man who received vile homophobic hate mail after appearing on television with his husband. 

Days after Dits Preece, from Alderney, and his husband appeared on local television to talk about Alderney Pride, he received an anonymous, hand-written homophobic letter.

Its author said that seeing the couple holding hands on the news “put [her] and [her] husband and grandson off [their] tea”.

The woman wrote: “My grandson asked why that man had his hand around the other one,” before telling Preece that a couple “is a man and a women [sic], it always will be.”

“You looked like a joke,” the woman continued. “The two of you. Try being in a circus.”

Preece shared the homophobic letter on Facebook, branding the woman “pathetic” for not having the courage to sign her name.

Once the local LGBT+ community heard what had happened, they rallied together to make sure Preece knew that he was loved and accepted unconditionally.

Liberate, a Channel Islands-based LGBT+ charity, launched a campaign called “Dear Mr Preece”, encouraging people to send letters of love and solidarity.

Guernsey’s postal service even got on board, providing a free postal address to make sure as many people as possible could send supportive letters to Preece and his husband. 

Numerous letters have already been sent from queer people and allies – but one in particular has melted the hearts of those who have read it.

A nine-year-old child took the time out of their day to write to Preece, telling him that the anonymous homophobe was “rude” and “insensitive”.

“Everyone is equal no matter what,” the child – who has not been named – wrote in the letter.

“You should feel proud to be gay and go on television to speak about LGBTQ+. Ignore what negative people say about your relationship because they are wrong! 

“They should say positive things about you two because you are amazing!”

The child went on to reference the No Outsiders programme for LGBT+ inclusion at school, which was developed by teacher Andrew Moffat.

“In my school, we say ‘No Outsiders’ because we are all equal! I support you two all the way!”

Closing out their letter, the child added: “PS: Couple means two, not opposite genders,” alongside a smiley face.

Homophobic letter is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’

Ellie Jones, CEO of Liberate, told PinkNews that the homophobic letter shows “why Pride is still needed”.

“I think we just need to show people, whether they’re the younger community, the older community, that actually these views are in the minority now,” Jones said.

“Dits and his husband Alan would have faced so much prejudice over their lifetime for being a gay couple, for being out gay guys – they would have been seen as immoral across the years.

“I’m sure that this letter is only the tip of the iceberg of what they’ve experienced during their life, but it’s important to take a stand, to show that it’s not acceptable anymore. 

“Hopefully the people that sent it might see the outpouring of love and they might think twice about it the next time,” she added.

The letter from the nine-year old child isn’t the only one Preece and his husband received – they have been sent numerous notes from people all across the UK heaping love and praise on them for living their lives openly and authentically.

One letter said: “I admire you for knowing who you are and who you love in such a beautiful and authentic way. Alderney may be a small island but it shouldn’t have small minds to match.”

Another began: “Dear Mr Preece, did you and your husband see yourselves on the Channel News? What an inspiration!”

Another letter writer summed up all our thoughts, writing: “It is a wonderful thing to be your authentic selves. It’s people like you that pave the way for the rest of us.”

They added: “I’d like to marry my girlfriend one day, and hope to be as fabulous as you!!”