Drag Race legend Bianca Del Rio addresses double crowning rumours: ‘I remember going what the f**k?’

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Drag Race icon Bianca Del Rio has confirmed that producers filmed a tie between herself and Adore Delano, explaining that it left her upset for a surprising reason.

The larger-than-life queen won season six of Drag Race after beating out Courtney Act and Adore Delano.

It’s well-known that producers film multiple endings for each season to prevent the winner from leaking, however it’s long been rumoured that for season six, a tie was also filmed between Bianca and Adore.

Bianca confirmed this on Joseph Shepherd’s podcast, Exposed: Dragged Out, saying: “As people know, it’s been said many times, they film all of us winning and that particular episode, that particular night when we were there, they did all of us and then they did one more.

She continued: “I remember going ‘What the f**k?’ as soon as they said it was a tie. I was sad.

“Not because I didn’t win, but because Courtney was left standing there. It was quite obvious that she wasn’t going to get s**t.

“That’s what I was concerned about.”

Biance Del Rio in a gold sequinned wrap dress and fur shrug, on the cusp of telling a joke

Bianca Del Rio has weighed in on a potential all-winners Drag Race season. (Getty)

Bianca Del Rio says she would have been ‘happy’ to be runner-up

Bianca admitted that she was “kind of lost” at that moment and remembered feeling “sad” and betrayed on behalf of Courtney. She added that she also questioned the logistics of a double crowning including if she and Adore would be “splitting” the $100,000 prize.

Bianca told Shepherd that she wanted Drag Race producers to “just pick one of us and let it be”. She also divulged that “truly” believed Adore would take home the crown and big prize throughout the “entire season”.

“I would [have been] very happy being a runner-up because I think all three of us had a great opportunity there,” Bianca explained.

Trixie Mattel previously revealed to Digital Spy that a tie was filmed between her and Kennedy Davenport for All Stars 3, that was ultimately not used.

However, there has only been one official tie in Drag Race herstory – Monet X Change and Trinity the Tuck’s controversial All Stars 4 win.

Oddly, producers chose not to film a tie that season, instead splicing together footage of both queens being crowned with an awkward voiceover from RuPaul.

Since winning Drag Race, Bianca Del Rio has become one of the world’s most successful drag queens. She’s toured the world, starred in her own movie franchise – Hurricane Bianca and its sequel, Hurricane Bianca: From Russia With Hate – and appeared on the West End in the hit musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.