Drag Race UK queen Charity Kase apologises for ‘unacceptable’ historic, racist tweets

Charity Kase

Upcoming Drag Race UK star Charity Kase has apologised “unequivocally” for her repeated racist language in a series of tweets posted eight years ago.

London-based queen Charity Kase, 24, will be competing in season three of the hit show, which is coming to BBC Three in September.

She’s already off to a bad start after Twitter users unearthed a plethora of past tweets using the “N” word, as well as numerous examples of cultural appropriation.

In a statement on Monday (23 August) Charity Kase acknowledged she’d used “disgusting and offensive language in a casual, colloquial way” as a teenager but insisted she’s now “changed and matured”.

“I was 16 and uneducated at the time, unaware of cultural misappropriation and the impact of my use of language,” she said. “I totally accept that this doesn’t excuse my behaviour. I want you to know how deeply sorry I am. I am not that same young boy today.

“I take full responsibility for these unacceptable tweets, and I hope you can understand that they do not represent me now or what I stand for today. Seeing them again has left me ashamed of myself.”

She continued: “I want to apologise unequivocally to my fans, who are disappointed and offended by me, and in particular to anyone whom I may have caused any form of trauma. Please forgive me.

“I have changed and and grown and am committed to growing further to using the platform and privilege I have to amplify the voices of people of colour.”

Reaction from fans was mixed: some welcomed the extensive apology and pointed to the fact that Charity Kase was only 16 when she wrote the tweets, while others suggested her behaviour was still inappropriate, regardless of context.

“This is hugely disappointing. It’s clear you have not taken the time to really inform yourself or your fans of the impact of your actions,” tweeted one. “Don’t tell us you’ve changed, show us.”

“Age isn’t an excuse, I’m 16 too and age is never a reason to be uneducated or racist,” commented another. “If you’re old enough to have a Twitter, you are old enough to deal with the repercussions of your own words.”

At this point season one Drag Race UK queen Crystal stepped in to offer her thoughts. “People should not be judged for things they said on the internet when they were a child,” she tweeted, without naming Charity Kase.

Canadian Drag Race star BOA pointedly replied: “But what if they’re adults that act like children?”

A spokesperson for the BBC told PinkNews: “The BBC is against racism in all its forms. These historical tweets were from when the individual was a minor.  Charity has expressed sincere remorse, apologised, and made clear they have grown and changed as a person.”