You can now hire Jonathan Van Ness to be your online life coach and we couldn’t be more excited

Jonathan Van Ness is hosting a virtual self-care class for Skillshare.

Jonathan Van Ness is launching a self-care class and honestly we can’t think of anyone better to be our life coach.

The Queer Eye star has teamed up with Skillshare to host the virtual class stacked full of self-care tips.

From daily rituals with lessons in yoga, meditation, crafts, journaling and skincare, they take viewers through their personal self-care routine.

“Self-care has so many different forms it can take in your life, whether it’s physical, spiritual, emotional, mental – it’s multifaceted,” Jonathan Van Ness says in the class introduction.

The session is one-hour and 21 minutes of virtual learning and users can sign up to Skillshare’s one-month free trial to have full access to your own virtual self-care sauna.

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In the inspiring class with JVN, viewers will reimagine self-care as a practice that fits you and your life to build a sustainable and crave-worthy routine, so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

You will also excavate your true desires through mindfulness and mantras and unlock creativity and joy by developing a self-care planner.

“People learn in many different ways, whether through instruction, inspiration or theory, and JVN peppers a little of each into this class,” say Skillshare to the New York Post.

They add: “What makes it really special is JVN’s vulnerability and openness to share stories from their personal history to reinforce how their exercises come to life today.

“Whether that’s by sharing they once felt silly saying mantras in front of the mirror or how they resisted gardening as a hobby for so long, only to realise it brought them a lot of joy.”

JVN also encourages viewers to create a self-care planner.

JVN also encourages viewers to create a self-care planner. (Skillshare)

There’s also an arts and crafts moment that takes the form the form of creating a self-care planner featuring gratitude lists among other things, which they say they “love”.

“It’s a beautiful thing for us to show up for ourselves in a world that’s so digital, so fast-paced, so about what we can do for other people – to really slow down and tune into what we need to do for ourselves,” JVN says.

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Jonathan Van Ness reveals their daily skincare routine

JVN also recently revealed their full daily skincare routine with a step-by-step guide on their YouTube channel.

After being asked about their skincare regiments around “27,000 times” following the release of Queer Eye they decided to “break it down once and for all” to their fans.

The video sees JVN discuss their favourite products for both their day and night time routines – which mostly consists of Biossance products – as well as tips and tricks.

This includes, what they consider, the “most important part” of any skincare routine and that’s sunscreen. Other tips include not to be “too rigid” with your skin and always “give the neck the love it needs.”