Canada’s Drag Race just crowned a winner, baby – and she’s ready to spill the tea

Canada’s Drag Race just crowned a winner, baby.

Warning – spoilers follow.

After an exhilarating sophomore season, Canada’s Drag Race found its next superstar in Icesis Couture.

The Ottawa-based was crowned by season one winner Priyanka, following a moving final lip-sync to Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”.

Though a self-described “ice queen”, Icesis brought the heat, impressing Brooke Lynn Hytes and the judging panel with her fiery couture, a boiling roast and a warm heart that she wore on her sleeve.

Hours after her coronation, Icesis caught up with PinkNews about her emotional final speech, finding her drag daughter and her plans for the future.

PinkNews: Your final speech about your struggles with alcohol, drugs, and suicidal thoughts had me, the judges and probably everyone watching in tears. Why was it vital for you to share something so personal onscreen?

Icesis Couture: When I first entered Drag Race, I definitely had a conversation with production and said that those topics were ones that I was not comfortable talking about. 

But when we got to the finale and the judges asked me how I got here, I just felt like it was right because the outcome would help somebody. I’ve been through so much, and I never had a role model or somebody telling me that it’s OK and that we all go through things. If I can be that for anyone and just help, it means the world to me.

Priyanka and Icesis

Priyanka was on hand to crown Icesis Couture. (WOW)

In the makeover episode, you met 19-year-old Makayla, a trans, Black teenager who became your drag daughter on the runway. In a very touching moment onscreen, we saw you telling her that she was now a member of your family and that she’d never be alone again. Are you still in touch?

She is 100 per cent my daughter and I love her so much. I’m so grateful to have her as a part of my family. Last night she was with me at the viewing party. For the viewing of the makeover episode I had her open for me, and we watched it together. The other kids were also in the audience. 

She lives in Toronto and I live in Ottowa, but we have been messaging back and forth, and any time I can get her to work with me or I get a chance to see her, we make sure to do it. If she gets on Drag Race next year, maybe I’ll make her something! 

Which moment of your season will you cherish forever apart from the coronation? 

The episode with Makayla was so special to me. Also, in my promo, I said I wanted to make one friend because, honestly, I don’t have any friends. I left this entire thing with twelve people that I care about means so much to me. I am so grateful to everyone.

What do you plan to do with the $100,000 you just won?

My family has been through a lot, yet they have always supported me and my drag. I would not have been able to get on Drag Race without them, so I just want to make sure they are OK, to begin with. And then if there’s any money left over, maybe I’ll go to McDonald’s and buy some fries! 

Icesis Couture is a winner, baby. (WOW)

You’ve worked with Priyanka, winner of season one, in the past. What would you like to say to her?

Goodbye! (laugh)  I’ve worked and opened for her many many times. She’s absolutely amazing, and she has always been so sweet, generous, and kind. She Facetimed me yesterday and congratulated me and said good luck. Her reign was crazy. She did so many things for Canada — I have big shoes to fill!

You’ve always been the rock of your chosen LGBT+ family as a mother. How do you plan on sharing the same love all over Canada and the world for a year? 

My DMs are always open, and I’m willing to help anyone literally. I’ve been doing drag for 15 years. I have helped so many drag queens along the way, whether they were a part of my family or not. I have so much respect for the art of drag, and I do it just because it makes me happy. If I can make someone happy by showing them to be themselves and play dress up, that’s amazing.

The diversity in the Canada’s Drag Race season two cast was beautiful to see. The top three was an ode to the Canadian rainbow nation with a biracial queen from Vancouver, a Greek queen from Montreal and yourself, of El Salvadorian heritage from Ottawa. How was it to work on a show with a cast that celebrated their unique heritage from the start to the finish line?

I am a mother, a drag queen, and I am the type of person who includes everyone. My family is full of women of colour, trans women and non-binary individuals. The fact that everyone in our cast had their own story, identity and different cultures was so beautiful. That’s the direction that drag needs to take. There’s no reason a woman can’t do drag or for a trans woman not to be on Drag Race.

Will we see you in the UK soon?

We are currently working on a UK tour, so possibly I’ll be there next year. We’re trying really hard right now, and I really want to come. 

Canada’s Drag Race is streaming on WOW Presents Plus now.