Drag Race royalty Monét X Change spills tea on iconic final lip-sync

Monet X Change dancing and lip-syncing to Swish Swish

It’s no secret RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 finalist Monét X Change absolutely killed the final lip-sync challenge – and now she has revealed how.

Monét and Jinkx Monsoon did their final lip-sync showdown to Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish”, with the former wearing a glam silver outfit and using a variety of props to wow the crowd.
In the performance we see her voguing along the main runway, sassily holding her hand out to Jinkx to kiss, throwing silver confetti from her pocket and ending on a spectacular half split.

A particular highlight was when she whipped out a a tube of lipstick with “Jinkx” scrawled across it at the beginning, setting the tone for the rest of the battle.

Although Monét X Change didn’t win, she extended her congratulations to Queen of all Queens Jinkx Monsoon on Instagram. “I cannot tell y’all how proud I am of myself, but specifically this f**king lip-sync. Bitch I AATTTEEE,” she wrote. 

“I kinda fell back into old NYC habits in coming up with last minute gags to do in this number (getting some white nail polish for the “Jinkx” lipstick, the money I made a PA run to get from my workroom station, and that soft n’ c**t catwalk at the end).

“To see the lighting, sound, camera and PA crews clapping and cheering after it all felt euphoric! Pound the alarm used to be my favourite sync, but ‘Swish Swish’ is now the new supreme.

“And let’s be clear I started with the slow floss, then did it double time after one eight count!” she finished. 

Speaking to EW about how she pulled together the Jinkx Monsoon lipstick, Monét X Change said “Girl, I BenDeLaCreme-d the s**t out of that…. As we were leaving the werk room to go to the main stage, I was like, I should do some lipsticks. I grabbed some, and I asked a PA, ‘Do you have any white nail polish?’ 

“I knew not to ask for Wite-Out because they banned Wite-Out… I did it right before we went onstage… So now, for future seasons, white nail polish is going to be banned, too.”

Monét X Change may not have won the crown but she has certainly won the hearts of Drag Race fans by going out with a bang.