Heartstopper star Kit Connor quits Twitter amid queerbaiting accusations: ‘This is a silly, silly app’

Kit Connor poses in the green room that appears to have books in it

Actor Kit Connor has deleted Twitter after a video of him allegedly holding hands with a female friend led to him being accused of queerbaiting by supposed fans.

Connor, who shot to fame in Netflix’s heartwarming, queer tear-jerker Heartstopper, was reportedly videoed holding hands with Cuban Girl’s Guide co-star Maia Reficco while in Paris

After the video was posted online and ‘fans’ began accusing him of queerbaiting, he tweeted that he would be deleting Twitter as it was a “silly, silly app”.

As fans began asking why Connor was quitting the social media platform, one Twitter user sought to clarify the situation more fully.

“Someone released a vid of Kit and Maia walking in the street holding hands and now people think they’re dating and are accusing him of queer baiting (for like the 3rd time) and are starting to attack Maia as well bc of it,” they wrote.

Other users have commented on Kit’s decision to leave the app, supporting his decision.

He continued: “If I was Kit Connor I wouldn’t come out either. He’s not exactly been welcomed with open arms.”

Another sarcastically congratulated fans for “running another actor off the internet”.

Kit Connor, who plays Nick Nelson in the show, has previously spoken about why he refuses to label his sexuality, and put a halt to anyone publicly debating his sexuality with a tweet in May 2022, saying that people on social media “know my sexuality better than I do”.

Many were quick to jump to his defence.

“Let’s clear some things up. Just stop. Kit hasn’t explicitly come out about his sexuality, so he’s the only person who knows about his sexuality yk (and maybe friends and family). But this idea of trying to cancel people for “queerbaiting” without evidence… is insane,” One tweeted.

Another posted a page from the Heartstopper comics, in which a character says: “It’s very rude to speculate about people’s sexuality.”

Well said, Miss Singh.

Netflix has renewed Heartstopper for two more seasons and was celebrated by many for its depiction of young queer relationships.