Shangela pokes fun at Dancing With The Stars co-host for slip-up: ‘Did you learn my name?’

Drag Race legend and Dancing With the Stars contestant Shangela hilariously called out DWTS co-host Alfonso Ribeiro in the latest episode of the US talent show.

The ribbing came after last week’s (3 October) episode where Ribeiro slipped up by missing out the first two letters of Shangela’s name and calling him “Angela”.
The drag queen is currently competing on the ABC show alongside pro-dancer Gleb Savchenko. On this week’s episode (10 October) they received a score of 32 (out of 40) points, their highest score yet, after dancing the Charleston.

Shangela took to Instagram with a clip of them reacting with a confused side eye to the name mix-up, with the caption: “This has me CACKLING!!!… my eye reactions have me dying laughing over here!!!”
In this week’s episode, Shangela brought it up during their post-dance interview when he joked: “The real question: Did you learn my name?”

Ribeiro is left speechless before replying: “Well… Hello. Hello. Listen, I mean yes. Okay. You get me before I got you.” 

Shangela responded, saying: “I’m sorry. Angela is here for you baby,” to reassure Alfonso.

He replied: “Listen, I wanted to say, the last couple of weeks, I did actually say your name a couple of times wrong. 

“I did say ‘Angela,’ which is my wife’s name, so it was a term of endearment. You know what I’m saying?”

Shangela finally put him out of his misery by joking: “You know I love you baby. And you are my Alfondo.”

‘I’ve been called worse’

The drag diva told EW: “As long as they give me lovely scores they can call me anything.

“I’ve been called worse things in my life than just Angela. But I will say that it’s so much fun to be able to have these fun exchanges with people here.”
Shangela’s fun didn’t stop there as the jumped on the viral TikTok trend where people use Nicki Minaj’s song “Super Freaky Girl” to tell a funny story from their lives.

In the video, Shangela sang: “Who is Angela? Once again, who is Angela? But that’s okay cause I still love you Alfonso and everybody make sure you tune in and vote.”