Dancing with the Stars fans gagged as Shangela feeds Tyra Banks chicken from her dress

Two split-screenshots show Shangela handing Len Goodman chicken and Tyra Banks eating the chicken during an episode of Dancing With the Stars. (Dancing with the Stars/ABC)

Shangela brought an iconic twist to the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars when she whipped out fried chicken from her dress after dancing the tango. 

The Drag Race star has already created some epic moments during her time on Dancing with the Stars, including poking fun at Alfonso Ribeiro after he got her name wrong. 

But this latest move has fans obsessed.

Shangela not only whipped two chicken legs out of dress – one each for judge Len Goodman and host Tyra Banks – but Tyra actually ate hers. 

After Shangela finished a near-perfect tango with partner Gleb Savchenko, she asked Goodman: “Were my legs crispy?”.

He replied saying that her “legs were flexed”.

Shangela then proceeded to grab the first chicken leg out of her bra and bring it over to Goodman, adding: “My mama said make sure I give you this crispy chicken to make sure that my crispy legs were just as crispy. Halleloo!”

As everyone tried to understand what just happened, Tyra came in, saying: “Wait, did you dance this entire time with a piece of fried chicken in your décolleté?”

Shangela confirmed she had in fact danced with two in her “t**ties”, before whipping out the second.

Unlike Goodman who simply stared at his leg confused, Tyra went all in and took a bite, licking her fingers afterwards, leaving Dancing with the Stars viewers gasping. 

Explaining the move to Ribeiro, Shangela said: “Len told me, he’s been looking for crispy legs. Gleb has been drilling me on crispy legs and the only crispy legs I know are from KFC or a chicken place so that’s what I brought up in here tonight.”

Speaking to EW about Tyra taking a chunk out, she laughed: “I was impressed. Baby, let me tell you something, if you know how to go in on a piece of fried chicken, you can come to my cookout anytime and Tyra has a golden invitation.”

Dancing with the Stars fans have taken to social media to share the madness of the moment that went down on live TV, with one person saying: “Tyra Banks eating the fried chicken that was in Shangela’s dress… i truly have no words.”
While another added: “Shangela single-handedly changed my entire day from being absolutely awful to making me laugh the hardest I have in days all with a piece of chicken.”