Florida teachers who ‘say gay’ to be fired in new crackdown

Teacher holding up a book in front of her class of elementary school kids sitting on the floor in a classroom

Florida has approved new regulations for teachers that could lead to them being fired for talking about LGBTQ+ lives.

The new rules, introduced by the Florida Board of Education, will punish any K-3 teacher who teaches students about LGBTQ+ issues with a license suspension or revocation.

Teachers are already banned from discussing LGBTQ+ topics by the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law but this is the first time Florida has laid out punishments for staff.

Another new rule will force schools to post information on websites and contact parents by mail about their policy on allowing trans students to use bathrooms according to their gender identity.

President Biden has taken measures to prevent schools from discriminating against trans students.

The only reason this law doesn’t contradict Biden’s federal legislation is because it doesn’t technically mandate who can use which bathroom – it just highlights it so angry parents and anti-LGBTQ+ activists can target trans-friendly schools.

Joe Saunders, Equality Florida’s senior political director, lashed out at the policy, branding it an “attempt to bully and intimidate school districts that are providing these accommodations.

“The Board of Education’s facilities separation rule does not and cannot prevent transgender students from accessing facilities aligned with their gender identity — we know Federal law and the constitution protect these rights,” said Saunders.

“Florida school districts have been following federal law for more than a decade, establishing policies we know will continue to work long after this politically-motivated proposed rule…Ron DeSantis’ war on transgender Floridians must end.

“All students deserve access to school facilities that are inclusive and safe.”

Governor DeSantis has been widely condemned for his anti-LGBTQ+ stances, including a bizarre obsession with drag shows. Earlier this year, the Florida legislate even considered a ban on minors attending drag shows in the state.