BBC weather presenter Owain Wyn Evans receives shower of support after vile homophobic abuse

BBC weather presenter Owain Wyn Evans has been overwhelmed with messages of support after sharing a homophobic letter he received.

Evans – who went viral for performing the BBC News theme on drums during lockdown – was recently announced as Vanessa Feltz’s replacement as the host of BBC Radio 2’s early breakfast slot.

While his career is on the up, he’s also found himself on the receiving end of vile homophobia abuse.

Evans took to Instagram to share a photo of a handwritten note sent to him. It read: “You raving bloody puff, do you have to be so camp on TV it puts me off my meal! Stay in bloody Wales were you belong.”

Owain’s caption highlighted that while “the vast majority” of mail he gets is “so, so lovely”, he finds it “bizarre that anyone would “take time to scrawl stuff like this onto a notepad and send it to me.”

Posting a second photo of himself atop a drum set with a leg raised, he added: “Hope this camp pic doesn’t put you off any meals today dahlings!”


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Fellow broadcasters and fans have rallied around the Welsh weather presenter for North West Tonight and BBC Breakfast.

Presenter Carol Vorderman commented on the photo twice, writing: “What terrible spelling,” and “I wonder if he/she (obviously not they) can spell CYNTAF? or even lululululululul ?”

Actor Tamzin Outhwaite also offered her support, writing: “My darling queen of puffs!!! Do not ever change/tone down or even give these people any mind. You are beautiful, talented and a breath of fresh air in these times. You are my favourite cheese puff”, complete with a kissing emoji.

Evans also posted the note and caption to Twitter, where fellow presenter Rylan joked that he was the one that wrote it: “I was having a bad morning”

In more messages of support, Dr Ranj Singh wrote: “We love your raving puffiness” and another user commented: “This is almost as awful as their spelling and grammar.”

Owain’s Instagram bio reads: “Unapologetically flamboyant.”