Gay weatherman working from home in lockdown recreates the BBC News theme on drums – and it’s everything

Owain Wyn Evans, who fronts North West Tonight, drummed the opening tune to the news while in his home under lockdown. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Weatherman Owain Wyn Evans proved he’s the hero we need but in no way deserve by taking to his drum kit to perform the BBC News opening theme.

While many Britons gainfully clock-in to work each day from home, choosing which pair of sweatpants to wear for the second day in a row, Owain Wyn Evans donned his sharpest suit and prepared for his drum solo.

On Wednesday (April 15) the senior weather presenter closed his appearance on BBC North West Tonight by playing along to the iconic theme music.

In the video, he tells viewers: “That’s the forecast, stay safe and I’ll see you soon.”

Evans then plays along to the theme tune while dressed in a three-piece suit, and those wearing their pasta-stained slacks should take notes, to be honest.

BBC News weather presenter smashes it as he opens news on drums. 

Drumming up support on Twitter, Evans shared a clip of his solo and wrote: “When they said try working from home I didn’t realise they’d expect me to do the music too.”

Footage of the performance went viral, tallying up more than 20,800 retweets and 87,200 likes in less than a day.

Even BBC North West chimed in, joking: “When we said, ‘drum up some attention [for BBC News West Tonight at 18:30pm weekdays] Owain’, we didn’t mean this!”

We’re unsure if that means he’s getting a pay rise, however.

The forecaster’s musical skills were also praised by viewers, who dubbed him a “national treasure” and declared he’d “won 2020”, although, we are unsure whether 2020 is exactly a year anyone would want to win as a prize.

Let’s give him 2021 instead. Or 2007, maybe? That was an alright year.

Amid all the positivity in his mentions, Wyn told WalesOnline: “The response has been amazing!

“I mean, the BBC News theme is a brilliant piece of music and I thought perhaps it would sound good rocked up with some drums.

“But I honestly didn’t expect such a fabulous response.”

But going viral is in Evans’ wheelhouse. In 2017, he presented the weather completely in drag references to celebrate International Drag Day.