BBC weatherman: I still get homophobic messages

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BBC Wales weatherman Owain Wyn Evans has opened up about coming out as gay – and revealed he still receives homophobic messages.

The 30-year-old – who has been a presenter since the age of 18 – is a familiar face to many in the local area.

However, he told WalesOnline he still attracts attention for his camp mannerisms, saying: “It leaves you quite exposed. I do camp it up sometimes doing the weather but I don’t even notice I’m doing it, when I’m waving my arms around.

“So I get the odd tweet that is a bit homophobic. I’ve been called things on Twitter and there have been general things like, ‘Who is this gay guy, he’s as camp as t***.’

“But it never hurts me.”

He added: “There are always going to be homophobic people in this world. As there are always going to be racist and sexist people. But hopefully, with time, people will become better.”

Mr Evans – who is engaged to partner Arran Rees – also opened up about coming out to his family as a teenager.

He said: “I was really worried [my brother] would disown me. Rhys is amazing, but he is a proper man’s man.

“I remember telling [him] and he just rolled his eyes and was like, ‘Who cares?’ It was overwhelming that he took it so well.”

Of sexuality in the media, he said: “If I were coming out now I might have found it easier, because I would have seen things on TV.

“The things I remember being on TV then were things like Queer as Folk. It was a great series, but it was on late at night and was not the sort of thing that you could show early, because of the content.

“The way [being gay] is portrayed in the media is better today.

“There are flagship TV shows with gay characters and gay storylines, and people are willing to do interviews being totally open about it.

“Hopefully that will make it much easier for young people in future who want to come out but feel that they can’t.”