The 1975 frontman Matty Healy keeps kissing fans onstage

A graphic of Matty Healy performing and him kissing a male fan onstage

The 1975’s Matty Healy keeps kissing fans onstage… and we’re not complaining about it.

At a pair of shows during the North American leg of the band’s ‘At Their Very Best Tour’, Healy has got into the habit of snogging audience members – including a male one.

In a post on Twitter, Healy can be seen holding a male fan onstage before giving him a (surprisingly tender) kiss.

The fan can be seen smiling from ear-to-ear, before lead singer Healy gives him another peck on the lips and delivers him into the hands of a security guard.

The kiss happened during a performance of “Robbers” at the band’s San Diego show at the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre on 26 November.

It followed a kiss with a female fan the previous night. This time the fan cleared up she had asked Healy to kiss her via a Snapchat message that she held up, after others speculated the kiss was non-consensual.

Fans have responded to the clips with everything from disbelief to jealousy – and some have even joked the security guard who pulled the bashful looking concertgoer off stage was not having it.

Matty Healy previously came under fire for kissing a male fan onstage during a show in Dubai in August 2019.

He later said he felt “pretty irresponsible” for the action as both men could have been arrested under Dubai’s draconian anti-gay laws.

Healy explained he managed to get in contact with the fan on Instagram after the incident, confirming he was safe, and in a bar “having the best night of his life”.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Healy explained that ahead of the show, the venue gave the band “a list of s**t that I couldn’t do and they said there could be no ‘gay propaganda’”.

The current show’s interlude has seen Healy in all sorts of ‘conceptual’ performances, including the singer having a nap, eating raw steak, doing pushups and – checks notes – fondling himself.