David Beckham will finally break his silence on the Qatar controversy to Joe Lycett tonight

A graphic showing on the left an image of comedian Joe Lycett dressed in a pink and white frilly top and David Beckham on the white dressed in a tuxedo. The background shows pink and blue spots

The comedian Joe Lycett has taken to social media to reveal that he has received an exclusive statement from David Beckham regarding his World Cup ambassador contract with Qatar.

The footballer controversially accepted a multi-million-pound deal with Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, despite homosexuality being a crime in the country. Those found to have engaged in same-sex relations can be sent to prison, and under Sharia law, the death penalty is possible.

Lycett issued an ultimatum to Beckham on 13 November, saying if the ex-footballer called off his £150 million deal, he would give £10,000 to charity. Beckham failed to respond, meaning that Lycett shredded the money – though this was revealed to be a fake-out, with the amount donated to charity anyway.

Now, Lycett has revealed that Beckham’s team has spoken out about his controversial sponsorship for the first time with an “exclusive statement”, which will be broadcast tonight in a special episode of Got Your Back, a series where he resolves consumer issues.

“As far as we are aware this is the only statement he or his team have given to any outlet regarding his involvement in Qatar,” Lycett wrote on Twitter.

“I have been advised that legally I cannot give my opinion on it, so you’ll have to make up your own minds.”

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The special will also include interviews with LGBTQ+ football teams, as well as with Dr Nasser Mohamed, the first openly gay Qatari, whom Beckham previously blocked on Instagram due to the former’s criticism of the latter.

In true Lycett style, the programme will also reunite some of the cast of Footballers’ Wives.

The trailer includes shots of the shredder stunt, a naked individual in a bookshop (?), clips of commentary surrounding the debacle and Joe Lycett himself in a wig, makeup and dress saying: “Alright you s**gs.”

Various users on Twitter and Instagram have expressed their excitement for the special programme, their anger at Beckham, and their wishes for Lycett to receive a knighthood before Beckham.

Joe Lycett vs Beckham: Got Your Back at Xmas will air tonight, Thursday 15 December, at 9pm on Channel 4.