Joe Lycett mercilessly trolls Liz Truss once more with full-page newspaper ad: ‘I miss you’

Image composite of Joe Lycett and LIz Truss.

Comedian and professional troll of Tories and fashion house Hugo Boss alike, Joe Lycett has taken his ruthless mockery of former British prime minister Liz Truss to new heights.

Ahead of the launch of his brand new “queer” comedy show Late Night Lycett, the star made a last ditch attempt to get Truss onboard as a guest – by inviting her with a full-page open letter in her local constituency newspaper on Thursday (30 March).

Opening the letter with “Babe!!!!”, Lycett went on to re-introduce himself as the “very right-wing comedian” who pretended to be Truss’s biggest supporter while appearing on the BBC’s flagship Sunday politics show with Laura Kuenssberg.

“Now I know that you haven’t had the easiest few months, and I just want to reassure you of my 100 per cent continued support. I’ll be honest, Liz – I miss you. Not just in Downing Street but from my life,” Lycett’s savage letter continued.

“In the brief time we worked together, I felt like we struck up the kind of connection and rapport you get with all the great double acts like Ant and Dec or Holly and Phil (you’d be Phil).

“So I’ve spent the last few months plotting your route back to power and I think I’ve found the ideal first step.”

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Joe Lycett went on to invite Truss to join him on the debut night of his “classic, chaotic late night comedy show” Late Night Lycett, which airs on Channel 4 on Friday 31 March.

The comedian also took a swipe at current prime minister Rishi Sunak, writing that he is only able to host the show on Channel 4 because Sunak “accidentally forgot to abolish it”.

Plans to privatise Channel 4, pushed by former Tory culture secretary Nadine Dorries, were abandoned by Sunak earlier this year.

Rounding off his brutal offer to Truss, Lycett wrote: “We’d give you a platform, allow you to speak your mind and provide at least three glasses of Echo Falls Pinot Grigio.”

Lycett famously poked fun at Truss and her premiership, which lasted just 49 days, after she crashed the economy last October.

Truss’ mere weeks in power plunged the economy into crisis with a disastrous mini-Budget that tanked the pound, increased mortgage rates and saw the Bank of England step in to avoid a raid on pensions.

At least she left an extensive legacy when it came to LGBTQ+ rights.

Other than taking Truss for a wild ride, Lycett gained notoriety for his stunning Qatar PR stunt in November last year, which involved promising to shred £10,000 unless footballer David Beckham backed out of his highly lucrative World Cup ambassadorship deal with the country.

Lycett urged Beckham to consider Qatar’s appalling record on LGBTQ+ rights, but the footballer’s response to the ultimatum was widely mocked on social media.

Despite the largely positive response to his trolling, Lycett recently revealed that the stunts do take a toll on his mental health.

Late Night Lycett airs on Channel 4 at 10pm on Friday 31 March.