Our Flag Means Death has finally hit UK screens and fans have thoughts: ‘Let’s go gay pirates!’

A still from HBO's Our Flag Means Death showing actors Rhys Darby and Samson Kayo dressed as pirates and standing on a ship

It is no secret that HBO’s Our Flag Means Death is one of the most talked about gay pirate shows – and now UK viewers can finally see the hype.

After an almost one-year wait, the entire first season (10 episodes) of the beloved nautical comedy has dropped on BBC iPlayer, and is airing weekly on BBC Two.

The series, created by David Jenkins and starring Taika Waititi, includes an abundance of gay romance, non-binary rep and camp vibes for viewers to feast their eyes on.

It follows Pirate Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) and his crew as he tries to make a name for himself on the open seas and maybe fall in love along the way.

Since coming out in the US last March, the ever-growing fanbase has produced over 14,000 LGBTQ+ fanfictions on Archive of Our Own (AO3), a ton of fanart and more.

Vico Ortiz, who plays non-binary pirate Jim, told PinkNews: “Honestly, it’s such an honour. It felt like I was reclaiming some of our stories.

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“Unfortunately throughout history, a lot of the trans, non-binary, queer stories try to talk about the person as much as possible without acknowledging that they’re queer.

“When I read for the part and got to interpret Jim, it was like, ‘oh yeah, I get to actually fearlessly embody this journey of somebody who [gets to explore] their identity.'”

And OFMD does not fall into the usual queerbaiting antics, but fully commits to the romance, with everyone’s favourite couple Stede and Ed “Blackbeard” Teach (Waititi), becoming canon during the show.

And longstanding fans of the show are ready to welcome the UK gals, gays and theys to the thriving queer fanbase.

“BRITISH PALS! I’m begging you to watch it,” one person wrote. “A hilarious but heartwarming pirate comedy that exudes charm, it’s just fun to watch. But, importantly it is overtly, openly, and honestly, queer!”

While another warned: “What you’re about to watch will be perilous! Very perilous! Some of you won’t be coming back.

“Others may be wounded. Still, others may come back looking totally fine but in reality, be mentally devastated by what they’ve witnessed.”

And when fans weren’t warning new viewers of the chaos and queer joy to come, they were simply sharing their love for the show. So, so much love.

And for those already concerned about whether there is more on the way, the series has been renewed.

Although there is no confirmed release date yet, the second season wrapped filming in December, so there is not long to wait before we can return to the seas.

Our Flag Means Death is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer and on BBC Two every Wednesday at 10pm.

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