Our Flag Means Death fans buy huge Times Square advert to demand its return

Renew as a Crew's billboard

Devoted fans of Our Flag Means Death have bought a huge Times Square advert to demand the queer pirate TV show return for a third season.  

The HBO Max series was cancelled after two seasons, devastating its queer fandom who have said it helped them to find their voice and bring them into the queer community. Some have even blamed the move on homophobia. 

In response to the show’s cancellation, a fan-led campaign to get Our Flag Means Death renewed for season three has paid for a gigantic advert in Times Square demanding just that.

On X/Twitter the group, named Renew as a Crew – #SaveOFMD, posted an image of the advert with the caption “we are live”. 

The advert, which will run for a full two days starting from Friday (19 January) thanks to funding from supporters, features the writing “Save Our Flag Means Death” and the website address for a change.org petition. 

Hashtagged  #HoistTheAds, the group has also arranged for bus and subway street adverts to spread their message.

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So far the petition has gained 61,000 signatures, with the next aim of 75,000. The petition notes the cancellation of the show as “deeply disappointing,” adding that “now, more than ever, our voices need to be heard”. 

Supporters supporting the petition have shared their love for the show, and explained why it means so much to them.

One person says: “Our Flag Means Death is important queer art, showing diversity and perspectives in life that we don’t get anywhere else on TV these days.” 

Many fans of the queer pirate comedy feel it’s a story that deserves to end on its own terms, with one sharing that it “truly earned its LGBTQ+ following”. 

They added: “The LGBTQ+ community shouldn’t settle for crumbs anymore. We deserve multi-faceted stories and proper endings, and so does Our Flag Means Death.”

PinkNews contacted Renew as a Crew – #SaveOFMD for comment. 

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