Jeffree Star doubles down on ‘made up’ gender identities after branding they/them pronouns ‘bulls**t’

Controversial makeup mogul Jeffree Star has doubled down on his views against non-binary people after claiming their identities are ‘made up’.

Appearing with Taylor Lewan on the NFL’s player’s podcast, Bussin With The Boys, Star told the Tennessee Titans tackle, who turned out not to be Star’s boyfriend – despite the makeup-mogul-turned-yak farmer, teasing it for weeks – that people who used they/them pronouns are “stupid”.

“I’m not into all the other bulls**t: the ‘they’ and ‘them’ and all that extra s**t we added during the pandemic, ‘cos everyone was so bored in their f**king houses,” he declared.

“That’s why the conservatives like me, because I’m just real. You’re not ‘they’ and ‘them’, you’re trans, you’re male or you’re female. People get so mad when I say that… how are you a ‘they’? What the f**k does that mean?”

Photo of makeup artist Jeffree Star wearing a pink dress and pink wig standing in front of a background of pink roses
Jeffree Star has proven to be a figure of controversy for years. (Getty Images/Rodin Eckenroth)

Despite saying this, 37-year-old Star has now issued a warning to media publications reporting on the issue.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, Star said that he’s not going to “back down from his opinion; from science, from facts,” on the matter, and reiterated that he “didn’t even say anything crazy”.

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Star went on to claim that he intends to “take something out of Cardi B’s book” because “the media is crazy”.

“What we’re not going to do is lie on my name,” he continued. “So anyone creating a lie – meaning the media outlet – I’m gonna ‘Cardi B’ you. I’m gonna file a lawsuit, cos you are f**king lying on my name.”

Star continued to defend himself, saying he “has five transgender employees” and more than 100 employees of all different ethnicities.

“What we’re not gonna do is lie. So if you posted an article saying anything like [Jeffree Star is transphobic], you better delete it, because I’m f**king coming.”

The mention of Cardi B refers to the lawsuit in which she successfully sued a vlogger who claimed that the rapper had contracted herpes and taken hard drugs.

Elsewhere in the podcast, Star said of non-binary pronouns: “It’s stupid is what it is. But you need someone like me, who looks like me, to say it. Because if you say it, it turns into: ‘You’re homophobic, you hate trans people, you hate gays’.”

Jeffree Star claimed non-binary identities are “stupid”. (Getty/Amy Sussman)

In a separate Instagram video, Star said that he has been “dragged through the mud” due to his “past mistakes”.

He continued: “What the Cardi B lawsuit taught me is that the media has been publishing lies for ever, but they legally can’t any more… don’t f**king call me transphobic, don’t call me anything that I’m not. I simply stated my opinion, and it’s so funny how many woke, crazy-a** people are trying to come for me.”

He concluded by giving a shoutout to the “amazing, beautiful transgender people and the LGBT community in [his] DMs” who are supporting him.

Despite Star’s suggestion that non-binary identities originated during the pandemic, the term “non-binary” dates as far back as the early 1990s, while people in Australia have been able to select “X” as their passport sex marker since 2003.