Lady Gaga is being sued by a dognapping accomplice for reward money, and the internet is obsessed

An image composite featuring Lady Gaga in the foreground in a black dress and silver necklace, and her French bulldogs in the background.

A woman who was charged in connection with the theft of Lady Gaga’s dogs in 2021 is reportedly suing the singer for not paying the promised $500,000 reward.

Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer was shot four times and her three French bulldogs were stolen during the attack in Los Angeles almost two years ago.

James Howard Jackson and Jaylin White were sentenced for the crime last year, facing 21 and four years in prison respectively. Jennifer McBride, meanwhile – who returned the dogs to an LAPD police station two days after they were taken – was charged with receiving stolen property.

She pled no contest and received two years’ probation.

On the left: Lady Gaga in a camouflage jacket holding a French bulldog. On the right: Ryan Fischer, shirtless, sits upright on a hospital bed
Lady Gaga and her dog walker Ryan Fischer. (Getty Images/Screen capture via Instagram/@saintrocque)

But now, McBride is reportedly demanding that Gaga pay her the reward, which amounts to about £416,000.

According to TMZ, McBride, who was in a relationship with White’s father at the time, is claiming that she is owed the money because Gaga offered it to anyone who returned the dogs, under the premise of “no questions asked”.

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The tabloid site is reporting that McBride wants to take Gaga to court for $1.5million, due to the initial offer being “misleading”.

L.A. county deputy district attorney, Michele Hanisee, told TMZ that McBride was aware that the dogs were stolen at the time.

The internet is seemingly divided over whether Gaga should pay up, with the vast majority pointing out McBride’s sheer audacity while some are suggesting that the Oscar-winning singer is “setting a precedent” for people to “lie” about rewards.

One bewildered fan wrote: “I don’t know if I’m reading this wrong but there’s no way she robbed the dogs and asked for money??”

Another wrote: “So unserious but someone needs to make a movie about this whole case lmao.”

Some people are even suggesting that the strange scenario is worthy of becoming a question in a contract law exam.

Others, however, are just there to turn the whole wild story into another meme.

“The upside is maybe we’ll get some court looks from Gaga,” one wrote.

“Imagine trying to come for Lady Gaga while she’s most likely method acting right now as Harley Quinn. That’s such a risky move,” another person pointed out. Gaga is set to player killer Harley Quinn in upcoming sequel Joker: Folie à Deux.